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Our longest running training centres are located in Chitungwiza and Epworth. Here we began with empowering students through technical vocational training. Our integral approach to youth development and the franchise model were created here. The centres are well rooted in the communities around them.
Young Africa Chitungwiza offers a space for vocational training and academic coaching. The centre has a hostel for students who study on campus. All students, staff members and the local community have access to an on-site crèche and pre-school. It has a multi-purpose hall, an outdoor stage and basketball court. The centre organises annual sports and art festivals for the local community.
The second centre in Zimbabwe is located in Epworth and began its operations in 2006. Young Africa Epworth offers vocational training students in commercial, technical and entrepreneurial skills training and academic coaching. The centre organises annual arts festivals for the local community.

November 19, 2020