Cyclone Idai

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MAPUTO, 16 May 2019 -  Hundreds of thousands of children affected by deadly Cyclone Idai in Mozambique have been vaccinated and received vitamin A supplements in the past week, with UNICEF and partners including the World Health Organisation (WHO) supporting the Government-led Health Week in the 21 most affected districts of Sofala, Manica, Inhambane, and Zambézia provinces.

To date more than 700,000 children have been vaccinated against Polio and more than 650,000 children against Measles and Rubella. Teams also reached nearly 700,000 children with vitamin A supplements; dewormed more than 550,000 children; more than 650,000 adolescent girls received Iron and folic acid supplements; and nearly 700,000 children were screened for malnutrition and acute case referred for life-saving treatment.  UNICEF appreciates the remarkable effort of health teams to overcome all barriers to reach every community with a broad, integrated package of services to promote the health and nutrition of children and pregnant women.

“Children under-five and pregnant women are facing dangerous health and nutrition risks following the devastating back-to-back cyclones in Mozambique,” said Michel Le Pechoux, UNICEF Deputy Representative in Mozambique. “The Health Week is a significant step in re-establishing basic health services, especially for children and pregnant women affected by Cyclone Idai.”

Proudly supporting and enabling this effort, UNICEF technical teams were joined by UNICEF’s local Ambassador - musical artist Neyma – who, along with Radio Mozambique, local community radios and multi-media mobile units, reached out to communities explain the importance of the health and nutrition services of the campaign.

November 26, 2020